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Balachaomaker is an exclusive spicy shrimp balachao manufacturer

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Balachaomaker is a premium quality shrimp balachao manufacturer in the town. Balachao is especially a dried and spicy food made with fried onions, shrimp, garlic, ginger and red chillies.

So far, it is a Burmese hot relish made of dried prawns or shrimps with plenty of garlic and chillies, preserved in an airtight jar for a long time. It is worth making a quantity.

These fish chips have a good shelf life made of dried shrimps. Everything is crispy as there is no moisture whatsoever!

Keeping that tradition of this dish, Balachaomaker made a fusion of dried ingredients and named it to shrimp balachao.

It is a spicy dish with a lot of dry chillies. This dish is not only for the shrimp lover but also for the spice lover. To enjoy the authentic Burmese taste, Shrimp Balachao would be a great cooking ingredient for you.

So, Balachaomaker has introduced a great fusion of shrimp balachao, which is different from the regular balachao available at the super shop.

Balachao is not only for the shrimp lover but also for the spice lover.

You can use this dried pickle to increase the taste of the regular dishes like Mixed Dal, Fried Rice, Khichuri, Noodles, Halim, Murighonto, Vegetable, etc.

The use of secret spices also added a great taste to it.

Balachaomaker is a marketer of various home-processed brands and household names in Bangladesh. With selective cooking ingredients, it becomes a companion in consumers’ everyday life.

Our secret is the use of homemade spices that adds a great taste to every category of balachao.

We are the exclusive marketer of organic balachao in Bangladesh.

Our balachao is now a companion to consumers’ everyday life. Contact us at 01673375594 to order your desired balachao.

You may WhatsApp us too. 

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