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Spicy Beef

Gostoria uses secret spices and fresh ingredients

Sep 29 • Gostoria • 243 Views • 6 Comments on Gostoria uses secret spices and fresh ingredients

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Gostoria is a rich and tender beef stew which is explosively flavorful and delicious. It’s arguably the most famous beef recipe in the town.

Gostoria is of Bangladeshi origin, a delicious concoction from a group of beef lovers. It’s designed to serve at ceremonial occasions and to honour your guests.

This dish is well-loved by many beef lovers, especially the beef community.

We use boneless beef, short ribs, or stew beef. The cut of beef ensures that you have soft and tender beef once it’s cooked.

You have to cut the beef into small pieces to ensure that after the slow cooking, each chunk of beef is tender with the aromatic beef curry paste.

This dish is best with rice or something else.

To make Gostoria, you need to have our secret ingredient. Unfortunately, we never share with others. But we love to share its taste with you.

You also need to cook on low heat to slowly stew and simmer the meat and reduce the rendang sauce. I read that the Minangkabaus save the dish for months as the complex taste and flavour develop over time.

Gostoria is will be one of your favourite dishes tomorrow. This dish will make your taste buds stand to attention with the mixture of fragrant herbs and spices. You’ll come to realise how tasty it is to have such a flavourful beefy dish. Enjoy!

Hot with chilli and sour with lemon juice this heavily spiced beef is a wonderful curry!

Gostoria is one of the many repertoires of dishes that have come to furnish our recipe folder over the last couple of months. It is big, it is bold, it is complex as befitting Gostoria.

And please don’t let the ingredient list frighten you and if you cook Asian food at home you may find that you have them already.

You need these spices and flavours to get the whole full-bodied beef Gostoriaflavour.

Gostoria is the best and most authentic beef recipe you will find online! A spicy, rich and creamy beef stew made with beef, spices and our secret ingredients.

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