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What is Gostoria

Gostoria is a spicy platter in this town

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Gostoria is one of the mouthwatering spicy beef platters in this town.

Surprisingly, the chef is betting only on the taste of beef. It is rare in the art of culinary. Yes, the chef behind Gostoria is working to give you the authentic taste of the beef.

The chef knows how to make a tasty and spicy dish for you.

Why Gostoria is a spicy one?

Tender bold sliced and coated in an amazingly hot spicy and beef curry sauce!

This Spicy Beef is super tender, juicy and covered in an amazing homemade curry sauce. The best part of this dish has to be the spice! It’s the perfect combination of herbs and spicy.

We use a secret ingredient for this dish and explained how to use it to effortlessly create super flavorful spicy dishes. We also use a curry paste made of different herbs, add it into a dish at the middle of the cooking to infuse a pungent spicy flavour.

The trick to this dish is cooking the beef slowly over low heat. It gets a nice sear on the outside but stays nice and juicy on the inside.

You would like to serve this spicy Gostoria over rice or another regular dish. Either way, it’s awesome. Enjoy!

A super comforting and appetizing Gostoria beef dish with a savoury flavour and a pungent aroma.

Now you are takeaway only. But the takeaway style beef has designed to make your mouth water.

So, thinking beef for lunch or dinner? Yes, we are ready to cook for you. But you have place order early to ensure your dish.

When it comes to indulging, most of us love getting a box of takeaway food to take home. For those, Gostoria is the best choice for you.

Order and enjoy.  

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