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The art of manufacturing spicy shrimp balachao

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Balachaomaker is one of the country’s only authentic spicy shrimp balachao manufacturing brands.

Balachaomaker works on the inclusion of shrimp balachao in a regular menu.

Everyone, young and old, is now familiar with the taste of authentic shrimp Balachao.

Our shrimp balachao is used with polao, khichuri, noodles, Murimakha, thick pulses, unscented vegetables, eggplant mash etc.

Especially spice lovers, expatriates, elderly people, pregnant women, and various patients who do not find taste also order our balachao.

We have been preparing different categories of balachao with a reputation for the last three years.

More than 300 customers regularly order shrimp balachao from Balachaomaker.

We are constantly receiving orders from relatives abroad. In this way, our spicy shrimp Balachao is available in different countries.

We aim to introduce Balachao as exclusive fusion food.

Our Balachao is a combination of home-processed spices and processed shrimp.

The use of roasted shrimp and golden garlic chips confirms the taste of premium shrimp balachao. And you get authentic shrimp balachao.

We have Standard, Spicy, Extra Shrimp, Thai Oriental, and Kashmiri categories.

It is also possible to prepare your desired customized shrimp balachao with us.

Contact 09611 396 454

Even you may follow our Facebook Page. You may dial 01673375594 to discuss details.  

Balachaomaker ensures the use of 100% shrimps. It is one of the highest recommended shrimp balachao in Google Maps reviews.

Most customers recommend Balachaomaker for authentic shrimp balachao.

Balachaomaker has six categories of shrimp balachao with different tastes and ingredients.

What is Balachao?

Balachao is a spicy-dried food for spice lovers. Spicy shrimp Balachao is a popular dish, especially in Chittagong. It is mainly fish chips made with fried onions, shrimp, garlic, ginger and red chillies. It is dry and crispy.

You can use this dried pickle to increase the taste of the regular dishes like Mixed Dal, Fried Rice, Khichuri, Noodles, Halim, Murighonto, Vegetable, etc.

The use of homemade spices also adds a great taste to it.

Balachaomaker is a marketer of various homemade brands in Bangladesh.

Our balachao is now a companion to everyday life.

Shrimp balachao is mainly a spicy and crispy one made with fried onions, shrimp, garlic, and red chillies.

We use processed shrimp, onion, garlic, red chilli, salt, cooking oil and special spices to manufacture these special shrimp balachao categories. 

Our customized balachao is different from the regular balachao available at the super shop. 

Spicy shrimp balachao has a good-shelf life. 

There is no moisture whatsoever! Its texture remains the same with storage for a long time. It does not affect the taste in any way.

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