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Cha Ghor

A source of quality tea in Bangladesh

Jun 16 • Bangladesh Tea Market • 1033 Views • 3 Comments on A source of quality tea in Bangladesh

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Cha Ghor is a source of the best and finest tea in Bangladesh. It has started its journey in 2017. It aims to provide quality tea to its selective customer.

It has very few segments in the clone, and, green teas’ categories.

Made with the best teas of Bangladesh’s finest gardens, Cha Ghor bring you the great taste in a convenient packaging form.

Its regular packaging is designed to protect the excellent aroma and taste.

Consumers have started to consider Cha Ghor as a trustworthy source of quality tea, in terms of intensity, fragrance, colour and aroma.

Now, it becomes a vital companion on consumers’ everyday life.

Currently, it is creating trust among consumers.

Through its unique blends, Cha Ghor delivers a variety of products for those who enjoy classic infusions and for those seeking authentic flavours.

Cha Ghor prides itself on quality and achieves a very high degree of customer satisfaction.

Also, it markets various local brands and household names in Bangladesh.

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